LO Studio Fragranced Candles

Beautiful gift boxed fragranced candles to allow a feeling, a time, the sense of a scent that paints a picture to occupy the corner of one’s mind. read more

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Scents evoke memory in a way the other senses can’t. As we grow up those associations continue to form and develop a scrapbook of fragrance memories. A LO candle is based on that scrapbook.

Each of these candles tell a story based on these memories, unique stories you can read in its case, but only know in their burning.

Little legacies to occupy those corners of your mind.


Gertrude Jekyll (and her roses)
‘She changed the face of England, more than any save the Creator himself.’ Through not just her spade, but her pen; The Queen of colour made four hundred gardens, Describing them as beautifully as they grew. Insisting like no other that gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.

Fragrance of Rose Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant, Spearmint

Open Windows:

Spring is the taste of winky sun that greets you in the garden.
The giggle of a warm kiss and the tickle of new sheets. The flavour’s out of the box… It’s sprung… We caught it. They say ‘spring is the music of open windows’, and it won’t let you stay in the house.

Fragrance of Lime, Bay, Bergamot.

Pathless Wood:

Natural beauty’s key is its simpleness. The senses in the woods get electric because there’s nothing else there. There’s room to clock twigs snapping underfoot… for shards of light to stretch out like fine canvas, for birdsong to bound and climb.
And for uncarved wood to creak, then whisper: “Breathe in deep.”

Fragrance of Bergamont, Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Amber, Leather & Tobacco Leaf

These are now discontinued other candles are available

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