Modern Rectangular Design Light with PIR

by Steinel

  • £101.10
A detailed and modern wall light that is the perfect addition to your front porch. read more
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Someone's left the light on yet again before they went out. The electricity provider is rubbing its hands, but no one else is particularly pleased. Wasting energy was yesterday! The Modern Rectangular Design Light switches light 'ON' automatically and only ever when it's actually needed.

E27 socket for filament light bulbs, low-energy lamps or LED lamps.

The Modern Rectangular Design Light has a reach of up to 10m and an angle coverage of 180 degrees. The light can tilt vertically up to 90 degrees.

This light has a variable twilight setting, allowing you to decide how dark it needs to be before the light will be switched on, even if motion is detected.

The passive infrared sensor can be adjusted so that when activated, the light turns on for between 8 seconds and 35 minutes.

If you need further guidance regarding Steinel lighting, take a look at our help page or call us on 0345 605 2505.

Since being founded in 1959, Steinel has consistently evolved as a pioneer to technology and innovation leader in the sensor-controlled lighting market. Their range of lights are designed with convenience, reliability and energy efficiency in mind.

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