Enamel No Smoking Sign

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These gorgeous enamel traditional French signs are irresistible - perfect for areas or places where you really wish to discourage someone trying to have a crafty Gauloises/Gitane.

Handmade with care in Northern France by a long established family company.

Some years back, some of you may recall The Worm that Turned had a little 'run in' with the powers that be when all public places were forced to start displaying 'no smoking' signs at their entrances. As people don't smoke in shops we thought rather unnecessary so made a 'bit of a stand'. It reached the courts (and the media) but thankfully our view prevailed and the law has rightly been modified (or is at least being enforced more sensibly). For a while on one day 28/4/2010 it was one of the most 'commented on' stories until a certain politician made an unfortunate remark that was said to have cost him the election...

So you might not be surprised to know we will not be displaying these at the front door in case anyone should think we've gone soft.

For more background on the case see the Daily Mail website (with a health warning!)

Now discontinued, but see here for others

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