Sneeboer Great Dixter Planting Spade

by Sneeboer

  • £79.95
This perennial hand spade is an absolute must for any keen gardener. read more
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This planting spade is designed to be used with 2 hands for extra strength, allowing the gardener to easily get to dig and work in smaller spaces close to the ground in the perennial border.

The blade is curved with excellent sharpened edges to allow the head of the spade to easily divide perennial plants or dig through the soil.

The shaped head allows soil to be easily scooped up when digging.

Handforged and handcrafted in Holland by the Sneeboer family, the Great Dexter planting spade is a must for any keen gardener. The Great Dixter planting spade will become a much loved garden tool and heirloom.

Named after and designed by Christopher Lloyd the gardener and garden writer for his gardens at Great Dixter.

Don't forget to care for your Sneeboer tools to ensure they last you a life time:

First use clean the complete tool with linseed oil so the handle will keep its look and won’t dry out and will prevent dirt from sticking to the wood.

The stainless steel parts can also be treated with linseed oil. This way dirt will not stick to the blade of the spade.

Remember to clean your garden tools after use with a stiff brush and lightly oil as neccessary and finally store them somewhere dry.

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