The Complete Gardeners Bag Set

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The ideal garden tool bag for keen and novice gardeners alike. read more
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This practical garden tool bag is the ideal gift for novice and experienced gardeners alike. Containing sturdy hand tools for planting, weeding and pruning. Seedling labels, seed storage envelopes and a garden ruler to help with seed sowing. The pure wool horticultural mat which can be used as a seed mat, kneeling mat, winter protection for tender plants or a bit of extra nesting for garden birds. All presented in an extremely practical and sturdy portable tool bag.

An excellent value gift that any gardener would be delighted with.


1 x Stainless Steel Hand Trowel.
1 x Steel Pruner.
Set of 20 seedling labels.
1 x Garden ruler.
1 x Tin of twine.
1 x Horticultural Wool Mat.
1 x Pack of seed envelopes.
plus, of course, our famous Worm That Turned garden bag, with its 6 deep and useful pockets.

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