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  • 10 New Year's Resolutions for your Outdoor Space

10 New Year's Resolutions for your Outdoor Space


A New Year means a new beginning. Many of us like to take this opportunity to make a resolution to change our lives for the better over the next twelve months. But rather than re-activating your old gym membership or learning a few phrases of a new language, why not make a more unique New Year’s Resolution to help revitalise your outdoor space?

To help you decide, we have formed a list of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions for a garden, balcony or even a window box.


Resolution 1: Live more Sustainably


composting bin A teak sun lounger


Living more sustainably involves utilising our outdoor spaces as a prime avenue for eco-friendly practices. Embracing the three Rs: ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ remains as crucial now as it has ever been in promoting sustainability.

A significant step towards reducing waste and enhancing plant health could involve composting garden and household waste. This process not only diminishes landfill contributions but also nourishes your plants naturally.

Choosing durable garden furniture is paramount. While cheap, mass-produced options may seem appealing initially, they often have shorter lifespans, increasing waste from the frequent replacements. Investing in furniture designed for longevity can mitigate this cycle, potentially lasting for decades. 98% of metal is recycled, so gorgeous metal furniture like Fermob will both reduce your waste and use less natural resources. Plus their paint is solvent-free and applied in a zero-release facility.

Additionally, employing recycled materials serves as a commendable approach to curbing waste. By repurposing such materials, we actively contribute to reducing the volume of waste destined for landfills, thus fostering a more sustainable environment.

Reduce consumption by installing solar lighting in your outdoor space. There are now a number of reliable options that offer 365 days a year of completely free light.


Resolution 2: Grow Your Own Food


A packet of seeds


There really are few feelings quite like using your own ingredients in your cooking. It makes your meals that little bit more special, helps the environment and not to mention tastes so much better.

Start by cultivating your herbs indoors, a rewarding endeavour that offers fresh, aromatic additions to your meals; the difference in flavour from fresh herbs compared to jarred alternatives is incredible.

Exploring unconventional seed varieties of everyday essentials such as carrots, tomatoes, and peppers introduces diversity to your meals and makes a great gift for friends, family and neighbours come harvest time.

Investing in new garden tools can significantly elevate your gardening experience, refining both the sowing and harvesting processes, and potentially improving your yields.


Resolution 3: Support Wild Birds


Bird Peanut Butter A Bird Bath Bird Feeder


In a world of increased chemical pesticide and fertiliser use in modern farming, making our outdoor spaces a haven for birds is an important way we can contribute to the health of local wildlife. Birds can help rid our lawns of weeds, feast on pests like slugs and the sheer variety is absolutely stunning. Also, they are natural pollinators and seed spreaders, helping to improve the overall health of your outdoor space and the surrounding area.

Enhance your outdoor space to attract and support wild birds. Incorporate bird feeders, bird baths, and native plants to provide food, water, and shelter. Tailoring your garden to meet the needs of different bird species helps sustain their populations and encourages their presence.

Understanding the feeding habits of various bird species can guide you in providing suitable bird feed. Different birds have distinct preferences, so offering a diverse range of seeds, nuts, fruits, or suet can attract a wider variety of feathered friends to your yard. Placing feeders around your garden will help to stop the different species becoming territorial.


Resolution 4: Revitalise your Outdoor Living Space


Fermob Bellevie Sofa Jim to Go Lanterns copper flower sculptures


Making your outdoor space an area you look forward to spending time relaxing, dining or entertaining in is one of the best changes you can make this year.

Invest in comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture that compliments your design aesthetic. Fermob furniture is perfect for this due to the great diversity both in style and in colour that their bespoke metal chairs and tables offer. Accessorise with cushions, rugs, and outdoor lighting to enhance cosiness and ambiance.

Infuse your personality into the outdoor space through decorative elements and personal touches. Incorporate art pieces, sculptures, or unique decor that resonate with your style and interests.


Resolution 5: Help Save the Bees


Bee Seed Balls Wicker Insect Hotel Bee and Butterfly Bath


Bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects are an essential part of our ecosystem. Encouraging them to visit your outdoor space will only help your flowers bloom brighter.

Consider setting up an insect hotel within your garden as a haven for bees and various beneficial bugs. These structures provide shelter from predators and signal to these creatures that your space is a safe haven for them to frequent.

Diversify your garden by planting a wide array of flowers that attract pollinators. These insects thrive on diversity, so offering a range of flowers throughout the seasons will encourage their return visits. Creating a garden with blooms for every season ensures a consistent and varied food source, encouraging the pollinators to continue visiting and contributing to a thriving ecosystem.


Resolution 6: Enhance Curb Appeal


Window Box Wall Light Rusted Metal Flower


How our outdoor space looks to neighbours and passers-by matters, even if we sometimes pretend we’re not bothered. This year, stay ahead of the competition.

Maintain a beautiful front garden by planting a variety of seasonal flowers. This strategy ensures a year-round display of natural beauty.

Embellishing your home with charming wall and path lights not only adds functionality but also contributes to the overall appeal of your property. These lighting fixtures can accentuate architectural features and pathways, creating an inviting ambiance.

Use tasteful and eye-catching decor elements to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Thoughtfully chosen decor pieces, whether artistic sculptures or elegant furnishings, can add character and charm to your surroundings, making your outdoor area stand out effortlessly.


Resolution 7: Explore Indoor Gardening

Houseplant Care Set Self-Watering Insert for Plant Pot Plant Pot

Perhaps you are already adept at gardening in your outdoor space, but indoor plants require a wholly different set of skills. Indoor plants freshen the air and beautifully fill unused spaces.

When selecting pots for your indoor plants, consider styles that complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Harmonising the pots with your decor enhances the visual appeal and creates a cohesive indoor environment.

To provide your indoor plants with an optimal start, consider using specially-designed care kits. These kits often contain essential tools and instructions tailored to the needs of indoor plants, ensuring they thrive in their indoor environment.

Self-watering systems for your houseplants can be a game-changer, especially when you're away. These systems efficiently prevent plants from drying out during your absence, maintaining their health and vitality. Adopting such innovative solutions can simplify the maintenance of indoor plants, ensuring they flourish even with your busy schedule.

Resolution 8: Teach Children Gardening

Bee Gifts Set Frogilo Frog Home Tomato Seed Bar

Passing on the joy of gardening to the next generation involves introducing children or grandchildren to the fundamentals of gardening and the wonders of wildlife.

Engage children in the gratifying experience of growing their own food with seed kits. Provide a hands-on opportunity for children to witness the magical process of planting seeds and nurturing them into flourishing plants.

Creating wildlife habitats within your garden offers children an up-close encounter with nature. These designated spaces serve as inviting environments for various wildlife, allowing children to observe and appreciate the natural world around them.


Resolution 9: Use Vertical Spaces


Contemporary Steel Plant Stand Retaining Walls Wall Display Frame


Vertical spaces within our outdoor areas present a distinct opportunity for innovative gardening approaches. Walls and fences offer an unexplored dimension that can transform your outdoor space.

Collaborating with Alexandra Gater, we've shown you how to install a vertical herb garden. These installations not only add aesthetic appeal but also offer a more accessible way to cultivate herbs compared to traditional ground-level pots. They bring functionality and beauty to otherwise unused vertical surfaces.

Embrace the visual spectacle of climbing plants as they gracefully meander across the facade of your home. These plants not only add a charming and picturesque quality but also fill empty vertical spaces.

Consider incorporating raised beds or retaining walls to introduce varied levels of elevation in your garden. This design strategy not only adds dimension but also creates visually engaging landscapes. It offers opportunities to diversify plant placements for a more dynamic outdoor environment.


Resolution 10: Live more Alfresco


Diavolo Pizza Oven Beautifully decorated table Hot Wok


Outdoor dining transforms the experience of entertaining and family meals. The expanded space, the allure of outdoor cuisine, and the refreshing natural setting combine for immense enjoyment and a refreshing change of pace.

Pizza ovens, once heated up, work their magic by swiftly creating delicious food in seconds. The joy of crafting and decorating your own pizza adds an element of fun and engagement to the dining experience that shouldn’t be underestimated. It's not just about the food; it's about the shared enjoyment that somehow always gets competitive.

Enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor dining space can be as simple as decorating the table. Adding inviting touches like table lights to the setting makes for a more enjoyable dining experience. A thoughtfully decorated table creates a welcoming space for shared meals.

Exploring alternative cooking equipment, like our new favourite: the Hot Wok, expands the repertoire of outdoor cooking possibilities from burgers and hot dogs. Embracing different cooking tools enriches the outdoor dining experience, making it more varied and exciting.


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