Self-Watering Inserts for Indoor Plant Pots

Gives peace of mind to your house plants and your self when it comes to watering. read more
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This self watering insert will give peace on mind on the houseplant watering front.

The insert fits most ceramic and plastic indoor houseplant pots. Just choose the right size for your planter.

Re pot your plant into the insert, the insert will sit proud from the base of the planter creating a natural internal reservoir.

Fill the reservoir by the water gauge until the leaf in the gauge pops up to the full marker.

Then all you need to do is top up the reservoir when ever the gauge drops to the empty marker.

Choose from the following sizes of inserts to fit your house plant indoor pots:

Small 17cm inserts fits pots with a 18-20cm diameter.
Medium 21cm inserts fits pots with a 22cm diameter.
Large 24cm inserts fits pots with a 25-27cm diameter.

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