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8 Unique and Delicious Seeds to Sow in Spring


A new year means a new chance to grow some new varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. But with hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Like you, we love growing things that are a little bit different, so we have put together a bite-sized list of eight unique and delicious seed varieties you can sow this Spring. 


1. Borlotto Climbing Beans

Named for their distinctive and fiery appearance, borlotto beans excel at absorbing flavour, making them a superb addition to your favourite home comfort soups, stews and casseroles.

Climbing beans require supports in order to grow healthily. If you don't have one already, you can take a look at ours. Climbing beans are best grown directly in the ground, but a large planter can be used in a pinch if necessary.

A packet of red bean seeds lays on soil.


2. Purple Basil

With a flavour very similar to the green variety you see in every supermarket, purple basil is a distinctive alternative that will never fail to pique your guests interests with its unique and vibrant shades.

As a herb, basil is versatile and relatively easy to grow in different conditions, either inside by a window, or in your garden. Basil requires approximately 1 inch of water per week so that the soil remains moist.

A packet of purple basil seeds sits on soil

3. Mixed Lettuce Misticanza Seeds

Our most popular ‘cut and come again’ lettuce, and one of over 15 varieties of lettuce we have, Misticanza is a brilliant mixed salad lettuce that is perfect to sow as the weather begins to warm up.

Lettuce requires fertile soil in a spot with ample Sun in order to grow successfully. If sown early in the season, the seeds may need some protection against the cold. Horticultural matting is perfect for this as it acts as an insulator for the lettuce as it grows.

A packet of red and green mixed lettuce seeds sits on soil

4. San Marzano Plum Tomatoes

Uninspired for the traditional varieties found in supermarkets up and down the country? These Neapolitan plum tomatoes are an ideal way to mix things up. They have a sublime flavour that is perfect for Italian classics like ragu, passata or in a pizza base.

If you're planning on growing tomatoes indoors, it is likely you will need to grow them inside where conditions will be warm enough. They will need to be in a position where they get plenty of sunlight. Plum tomatoes are ideal for inside as they ripen quickly compared to other varieties.

Packet of plum tomato seeds on soil

5. Red Ciliegia Piccante Chillies

Don’t underestimate the punch from these adorable little red chillis, their medium heat makes them a perfect compromise for those who like it hot and those who don’t. These little chillies are at their irresistible best when served stuffed with mozzarella.

Like tomatoes, chillies and peppers benefit from a position where they get plenty of Sun, like a south facing windowsill. Water the chillies regularly to keep the soil moist and look forward to flavours and shapes you simply won't find on supermarket shelves.

 A packet of chilli seeds sits on soil


6. Edible Flowers

There are few things that can make your cooking look more interesting and enticing than edible flowers. Our selection includes herbs like basil and sage flowers, which offer a milder taste than their traditional counterparts, flowers that can be added to a salad, and ones that can finish off the perfect cake.

Edible flowers are a great and novel way to get children interested in gardening, and can add a splash of colour to a windowsill or balcony. Generally, only the petals will be edible, and they are best used when fresh. 

 A packet of edible flower seeds sits on soil


7. Parisian Carrots

Versatile in where they can be grown, these cute round carrots are a sublime, unique alternative to a staple vegetable. They are at their best when glazed with honey and roasted in time for Sunday lunch.

Another way to get children into gardening, these carrots can be grown almost anywhere due to their unique and small shape. If grown outside, it is considered good practise to sow carrots near or around onions, as the smell of onion puts off the carrot flies that like to feast on the roots of carrots. 

A packet of parisian carrot seeds sits on soil

8. Tromba D'Albenga

Of our 13 courgette and squash seeds, the distinctive, curvaceous design of the Tromba D'Albenga is one of our most eye-catching. Able to be sown earlier than most other varieties, the D'Albenga makes an excellent addition to your spring vegetable patch.

An extremely vigorous squash with a handsome and varied appearance. Ensure that the squash is allowed plenty of space when it sown. It is delicious, with stronger flavours than zucchinis and is definitely one to try if you're looking to impress friends and family!

A packet of squash seeds sits on soil


Let us know if you have tried anything new in your garden recently and don’t hesitate to send use our hashtag: #wormturned on Instagram if you grow any of the varieties of this list or any of our other seeds. We’d love to see what you’re growing!


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