Ester and Erik Taper Candles

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Ester and Erik create candles by using methods that have been used for centuries.

Ester and Erik candles come in a selection of exquisite colours, each pair of taper candles are cut from the wax frame and then beautifully packed in a gift sleeve.

The candles are ideal to be given as a dinner party gift, or treat for someone special.

The candles are made in Denmark, and are produced in the traditional style of candle-making.

The time-consuming process involves an individual cotton wick dipped into liquid paraffin, until it reaches the required thickness.

This traditional dipping technique offers tangible advantages over cheaper mass produced candles - the candles burn slowly with a steady flame, and without dripping, are odourless and emit no soot.

They extinguish themselves when they have burned down or use the cute brass tweezer snuffer see here.

There are Ester and Erik candleholders available to order separately and also taller fluted candlesticks here.

We only stock a small selection of the available colours and sizes from Ester & Erik however depending on your lead time we can obtain more colours provided you are planning to buy 10 pairs or more. Please call or email with your request.

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