Fit & Forget Multi Function Battery Net Lights

Easy to use outdoor LED battery net lights will transform your bay trees and box bushes into twinkling and sparkly shapes. read more

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Transform your entrance by draping these delightful and easy to use LED net lights round bay trees, or box balls.

Or use in hedges or shrubs, to give a wonderland twinkle and sparkle to your garden.

The nets are easy to fit, simply stretch the net gently around the shrub, teasing the leaves through the net. We would suggest making sure that the two sides meet at the back of the shrub. Gently push the battery box into the back of the shrub, so it is discreetly tucked away.

With the net lights, the effect is a uniform diamond pattern, creating a stunning, twinkling sparkle.

The nets have an easy timer system, the lights will run for 6 hours on and 18 hours off, coming on each day at the time selected.

So, if you wish the lights to come on at 6pm in the evening, they will run until midnight, coming back on at 6pm the following day. Simply set the timer at the time you wish the lights to come on.

With this timer, the lights will run for up to 72 days without the need to change the batteries. Please note, this maximum 72 days cannot be achieved if the lights are in a static position.

Choose from bright white, or warm white, lights.

For indoor or outdoor use.

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