Cooking Tripod Stands

Give your kadai even more versatility with a tripod stand so you can cook with a cooking pot on the kadai well as traditional grilling. read more
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Perfect for slow cooking in the great outdoors, try your hand with chilli or curries over your Kadai!

This tripod fits easily to the top of the Kadai fire bowl and is used to suspend cooking pots, swing grills or kettles in the traditional way.

75cm stand to fit 60cm Kadai fire bowl.

95cm stand to fit 70cm and 80cm Kadai fire bowl.

Use the tripod to hang the cast iron Cooking Bowls and give extra flexibility to your outdoor cooking.

For even more cooking ideas see here for swing grills

Take a look at our dedicated Kadai Firebowl Page, where you will find even more accessories to complement your Kadai Firebowl.

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