Bases For Glatz Sunwing Cantilever Parasols - Movable

by Glatz Parasols

  • £1,592.00
When you want to move your cantilever and large center pole parasol around read more
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The movable base for cantilever and large center pole parasols is available in graphite or anthracite grey. A side handle enables easy moving of the base.

Please note that the 100kg base is square

To move the parasol base, simply shift the lever which lifts the base off the floor. You will then be able to move the base around on its wheels, easily guiding it with the lever.

We would always recommend choosing a base with at least the minimum weight required for each parasol. However, if you would prefer a heavier base to ensure that your parasol is extra sturdy, then other options are also available.

Please refer to the parasol product page to find out the minimum base weight.

Alternatively a static base for cantilever parasols is also available here.

We offer a variety of fixing methods for your Glatz parasol, see here for more options.

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