Asbol Outdoor Wall Light

by Nordlux

Asbol Outdoor Wall Light (4651121410108)
  • £59.45
Taking influence from the Canto series, Asbol is a great light for balconies or terraces. read more
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If you are indoubt whether to buy an outdoor light but can't decide whether to choose one where a light shines upwards, down wards or even both, with the Asbol lights you don't need to make this choice.

The lights come with 2 x 4 different patterns giving you the opportunity the create your own light designs.

Comes complete with 2 x 5W LED. These LEDs are fixed and cannot be replaced, however, they will have a life of approximately 15,000 hours and are guaranteed to last for at least 5 years. These LEDs emit 370 lumens of light each.

The light also has a USB power outlet.

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