Microgreens Magic Planter

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An easy way to grow micro-greens all year round. read more
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Grow your own micro-greens easily with this magic micro-greens planter.

All you need to do is fill the outer pot with water up to the strainer tray, then sprinkle your micro greens seeds over the tray. (Cheesecloth or muslin cloth is not needed). Moisten the seeds with a plant sprayer. Then simply follow the instructions on the seed packaging.

Then cover the pot with the lid if you want to germinate your seeds in the dark and you should be able to harvest your microgreens just a week later.

There’s no need to wait for spring or summer, you can sprout microgreens in autumn and winter too. Keep the magic microgreens on your kitchen counter or windowsill and you can see how quickly the seeds develop into tiny plants.

A great way to grow your own cress, rocket, radish, broccoli, mustard...

Healthy and fun to grow, ideal for children as well as grown -ups.

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