Heart Shaped Planting Trowel

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Delightful heart shaped trowel stainless steel planting trowel. read more
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This heart shaped planting trowel is a delightful garden hand tool to add to your collection. It is designed in the shape of a heart, with slightly raised sides to help move the soil easily. This trowel is extremely handy for shallower digging and scooping such as planting bulbs or bedding plants.

The wide head moves soil quickly and easily, and the pointed sharpened tip slices smoothly through ground.

The ergonomic design of the trowel gives the gardener more digging power, since the head is in line with handle, rather than angled.

The stainless steel is rust-resistant and will keep looking bright and beautiful for years to come.

The head is in line with the hardwood handle, rather than angled, making digging easier and more powerful. The FSC-certified hardwood handle gives a comfortable grip and to finish there trowel off there is a sturdy leather hanging cord to keep it tidy in the tool shed.

This trowel is the perfect size for smaller hands or someone looking for a very special garden gift.

But it is extremely practical and would become a much loved heirloom.

It makes for a special gift for novice and more experienced gardeners alike.

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