Edible Flower Seeds

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These flowers are a gorgeous selection of edible flowers for culinary purposes. read more
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Some flowers look good enough to eat, and these ones we have selected here are very edible.

The flower petals can be used to flavour salads, add to Pimms, pop in risottos or a summery decoration on cakes.

These are some of our favourites:

Swiss Pansy - the Victorian would crystallise them using beaten egg whites and then sprinkling with sugar.

Basil flowers - milder than the leaf, but great with pasta, mozzarella and tomato sauces.

Chicory Flowers - Beautiful blue colour with a pleasant but bitter flavour, try with risottos and salads.

Sage Flowers - Midler than the leaf but ideal with mushrooms, beans and pork.

Sweet William - Beautiful petals for cakes and dessert wine.

Mixed Flowers - if you struggle which ones to choose this is a lovely selection for salads and general dishes.

Also see our other collections for Chamomile Flower which is great for relaxing tea.
Pumpkin Flowers suitable for stuffing with Ricotta cheese.
Calendula Marigold known as poor man's saffron.

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