Filberts Bees Gift Tin for The Great British Outdoors

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For those people that love the outdoors. read more
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Lovely keepsake tin containing:

3 products to help protect against the elements when outdoors.

Muscle Rub:

Made to soothe sore and tired muscles after hard work or play. Made using a base of 20% English hemp oil, with added English thyme, yarrow and clary sage, along with exotic frankincense and cedar wood. With a lovely fresh green appearance and aroma, it's ideal for massage with its low level of beeswax.

Farm Hand :

A concentrated salve, designed to protect hands exposed to harsh conditions. The oils nourish and the wax forms a protective barrier. A little more wax is added to this than a regular hand salve for even more protection. 24g tin.

Original Lip Balm:

This combines essential ingredients for longer lasting protection out-of-doors, with a high beeswax content. Contains tea tree oil for sore lips and propolis, which bees use to protect their hives against the wind and rain. A firm balm, best carried in your pocket once opened, to assist application. Great in hot climates, as it will remain solid at high temperatures, this is a balm for those who want extra wax protection. 7.5g tin.

All of these products are 100% natural and are handmade in the UK.

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