Houseplant Care Set Gift Cracker

by Plantsmith

  • £14.95
Everything you need to keep your houseplants in lush and healthy condition. read more
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The gift set contains both a houseplant tonic and a houseplant mist - just about all you need to keep your houseplants lush, healthy and in great shape.

The Fortifying Houseplant Tonic 100ml contains 13 essential nutrients to prevent weak and yellowing leaves and makes sure your plants are well fed and robust. The tonic will also help encourage buds throughout flowering season.

The 100ml Houseplant Care mist has 17 essential ingredients designed to promote good health with every spray by aiding growth and deterring pests.

The care kit can be used on all houseplants and its fresh modern design means the bottles don't need to be hidden away. At last plant care items that are not an eyesore on your window sill!

In a beautiful cracker presentation the care kit is a lovely gift for any houseplant lover.

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