Orchid Care Set Gift Cracker

by Plantsmith

  • £14.95
Keep your orchids well fed and help them flourish with this handy plant care kit. read more
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Suitable for all orchids, the Plantsmith Orchid care gift cracker contains an Invigorating Orchid Care Mist Spray and a Feed and Tonic Spray, which include what you need to keep your orchids lush and healthy.

The Invigorating Orchid Care Mist boasts 12 essential nutrients to boost orchid growth and enhance flowering.

Orchids thrive in humid conditions so spraying regularly helps recreate their favoured environment. The mist contains humic acid to aid growth as well as natural oils to deter pests and help boost plant health for improved growth and resilience.

The Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic will give them all the nutrients they need to help they stay healthy and vigorous.

The care kit has a fresh modern design meaning the bottles don't need to be hidden away where you will forget to use them. At last plant care items that are not an eyesore on your window sill!

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