Fermob Colour Trends - Summer Romance

Welcome summer in style with the beautifully warm Gingerbread and contrasting Pesto. These colour combinations come from Mother Nature herself, and encourage you to usher in Earthy tones into your space.

With this palette you'll find Gingerbread provides a mix of sweet, golden and honeyed tones, perfect to take you back to those hot summers, and Pesto that will hit your senses with its freshness.

It won't be long until you're feeling like you've been whisked away somewhere; enjoying the heat of the beating sun, and lush green scenery that surrounds you.

The Fermob colours in this trend make you feel warm as you view them. Combining Gingerbread, a reassuring colour, with Pesto, a colour associated with fresh herbs, means you're sure to get back to nature.

Adding in natural colours such as Clay Grey and Willow Green softens the two strong colours whilst also accentuating the palette.

For a little extra subtlety, you can also mix together Cactus and Frosted Lemon.

Accent with...

The contrasting straight lines of the SO'O Round Dining Table works well against its round top, and with the strong Pesto colour, the table will blend beautifully in a space with lush greens. We've paired it with the sturdy Studie Stacking Chairs in Gingerbread and Willow Green to really make a down-to-Earth set.

The Tulipe Outdoor Scatter Cushions really tie the whole look together in this set of Luxembourg Low Armchairs in Pesto.

For a small coffee table we've added the Bebop 60cm Low Table in Gingerbread to match with the colours of the scatter cushions. The practical surface allows you to place mugs, cups, or small plates.

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