Glatz Morning Light

Combining ergonomic function with modern design and high-quality fabrics equals a long-lasting parasol with sustainable UV protection. The collection of colours in "Morning Light", contain soft, neutral tones that represent the peacefulness you can experience before the day gets started.

The types of fabric you can find here are "Simple", "Classic", and "Deluxe".

Each fabric is separated into the above types according to the following properties: fabric material, colouring, grams per metre square (g/m2), water repellent coating, water-pressure resistance (the amount of water the fabric is able to hold before it begins to seep through) and UV protection.

Simple Fabrics - Grade 2

These fabrics are made with 100% polyester, and are the standard fabrics the parasol canopies are made from.

156 Pale Grey

158 Off White

Classic Fabrics - Grade 4

These fabrics are made of staple fibre, and is spun-dyed 100% polyester fabric.

404 White

417 Ocean

418 Cobalt

420 Smoke

453 Vanilla

Deluxe Fabrics - Grade 5

These fabrics are made of staple fibre, and is spun-dyed 100% polyacrylic fabric.

500 Plaster

501 Granite

502 Thunder

509 Slate

510 White

515 Cloud

521 Aloe

523 Champagne

527 Urban Chrome

530 Atlantic

550 Cement

555 Grey Stripe

556 Alabaster

558 Steel

570 Steel Stripe

579 Pistachio

581 Jade

588 Olive

589 Green Stripe

600 Wave

601 Waterfall

602 Blue Stripe

603 Horizon

652 Silver

655 Chrome

677 Nile

684 Urban Shadow

686 Urban Clay

For more vibrant colours and tones, view Glatz Sunset Glow:

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