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Glatz Care & Maintenance

Caring for your Glatz

• Damp or wet fabrics must never be left rolled up or folded for long periods of time.

• Wherever possible, fallen leaves or droppings should be removed immediately.

• Dirt is best removed with a soft, clean and dry brush.

• Stains can be treated with warm water, a soft brush and some detergent. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with plenty of clean water, then allow to dry and treat with a commercial weatherproofing agent.

• Do not use aggressive detergents (pH 7 values and more).

• When opening, closing or adjusting the parasol, make sure that the material doesn‘t rub against walls or other obstacles, or get caught-up in the frame.

• Make sure that parasols are closed properly with the single fabric panels folded outwards and gently secured. Creases caused by careless wrapping are not covered by guarantee.

• Parasols must not be allowed to flutter in the wind. This may cause abrasion damage or holes which is not covered by guarantee.

• We recommend covering using a cover when not using your parasol.

Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Aluminum is a material that is easy to care for. Dirt should be wiped away with a damp rag and then dried with a soft cloth.

The stainless steel parts supplied by Glatz are manufactured with top grade steel (1.4301 / 304). This is the industry standard for outdoor products. It, however, still should be cleaned and maintained especially as your Glatz parasol will be exposed to the elements.

Even though the stainless steel used in Glatz parasols and accessories is resistant to corrosion, small, brown spots may appear on the surface especially if you live near the coast. If brown spots appear on stainless steel parts, wipe the surface down with a sponge (always in the direction of the surface treatment). If the spots are older, a stainless steel cleaner should be used. These brown spots do not affect the durability or lifetime of the product. Do not worry as these spots are only superficial, which will only require simple cleaning. The stainless steel should look like new afterward.


Teak is a very strong, weatherproof material that builds up a natural silver-grey patina over the course of time. This patina can be cleaned-off with a scouring pad and a little hot water if required. If you would like to maintain the original coloration of the wood, you can treat the wood with teak oil (available at most DIY stores) when it is dry. You must not leave treated teak parasols outside during the winter months. It is best to store them under cover or indoors.

Storing Your Glatz Parasol During Winter

To ensure the greatest possible protection, during the winter months, we recommend storing your sunshade under cover, or if it is left outside, with the use of an original protective cover from GLATZ. We advise against keeping sunshades outdoors during the winter, because of the formation of condensation, and this dampness remains in the protective cover for a longer period of time due to a lack of aeration. Damp or wet fabrics must never be left rolled up or folded for long periods.

For more information...

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0345 605 2505 if you are having any queries about maintaining your Glatz parasol. We will be more than happy to help!

Alternatively, you can email us at if that is what you would prefer to do.

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