Glatz Sunset Glow

Many outdoor spaces have become an extension of the indoors where the décor and finishing touches spill outward in a display of taste and style. The collection of colours in “Sunset Glow” symbolises the joy you find in life. It captures the ambience of the evening sun, and the moments you associate it with.

The types of fabric you can find here are "Simple", "Classic", and "Deluxe".

Each fabric is separated into the above types according to the following properties: fabric material, colouring, grams per metre square (g/m2), water repellent coating, water-pressure resistance (the amount of water the fabric is able to hold before it begins to seep through) and UV protection.

Simple Fabrics - Grade 2

These fabrics are made with 100% polyester, and are the standard fabrics the parasol canopies are made from.

127 Kiwi

150 Eggshell

151 Ash

157 Stone Grey

162 Chilli

Classic Fabrics - Grade 4

These fabrics are made of staple fibre, and is spun-dyed 100% polyester fabric.

403 Carmine

408 Black

422 Cream

436 Wine

438 Straw

461 Taupe

Deluxe Fabrics - Grade 5

These fabrics are made of staple fibre, and is spun-dyed 100% polyacrylic fabric.

513 Outback

514 Corn

526 Bamboo

604 Cereal

605 Clay

611 Sandstone

615 Black

617 Safran

618 Dijon

624 Yellow Stripe

637 Cherry

639 Blush

644 Merlot

645 Burgundy

646 Rubino

650 Camel

660 Papaya

669 Carbone

800 Red Stripe

801 Campari

802 Sienna

803 Linen

805 Walnut

806 Forge

807 Lava

809 Midnight

810 Black Stripe

For more neutral colours and tones, view Glatz Morning Light:

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