Feed and Protect Houseplant Care Gift Set

by Plantsmith

  • £29.95
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The Feed and Protect Houseplant Care Set contains a bottle of Fortifying Houseplant Tonic along with a bottle of Bug Control spray to encourage growth and deter pests.

The Fortifying Houseplant Tonic contains 13 essential nutrients to ensure your plants are well fed and robust, whilst preventing weak and yellowing leaves. The tonic will also help encourage buds in flowering season.

The Bug Control spray is a natural deterrent to harmful insects and bugs such as whitefly, scale insect, red spider mite and greenfly and will also help against mildew disease.

The care kit can be used on all houseplants and succulents and its fresh modern design means the bottles don't need to be hidden away. At last plant care items that are not eyesores!

The gift set is beautifully packaged and will make a gorgeous gift for any indoor plant lover.

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