Filberts Bees Muscle Rub

Soothe those tired weary muscles.

Made to soothe sore and tired muscles after hard work digging over that veggie plot or garden.

Made using a base of 20% English hemp oil, with English thyme, yarrow and clary sage, along with exotic frankincense and cedar wood.

With a lovely fresh green appearance and aroma, it's ideal for massage with its low level of beeswax.

Made using only natural ingredients and are handmade in the UK.

Handy 24g tin.

Filberts Bees Muscle Rub


Size (cm): Ø4.5×2.5
Ref: TW-3920
Weight: 36g

Filberts Bees Muscle Rub

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Filberts Bees Muscle Rub


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