Forno Plancha Square Barbecue

Forno Plancha  Square Barbecue (4652163727420)
Plancha cooking is a great healthy way to cook and prepare food when dining alfresco read more

This product is no longer available from our store please see the description section for similar ideas

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Perfect for social gatherings and alfresco parties, these barbecues is a healthy way to cook and prepare food.

This Barbecue is no longer available, however the Kadai may be a suitable alternative.

The spherical bowl has a round wide, thick flat roasting plate that you use as teppanyaki or plancha.

Plancha style cooking allows your to cook vegetables, seafood, steaks or even fry eggs, quickly and easily.

The metal plate has different cooking temperatures, The centre of the plate is hotter than the outer edges, so you can move the food round when cooking from hot to warmer temperatures, allowing the food to be served to perfection.

The circular shape allows you to cook savoury foods on one side and vegetables or even deserts on the other.

The grill which fits over the centre off the grill allows you to BBQ or grill at the same time as using the Plancha hot plate.

There is a choice of bases to fit to the plancha BBQ, choose from standard legs, through to the kitchen bases which give storage for logs as well as a food preparation surface.

Using for first time:

When you use the Forno® for the first time, it is important to make a small fire for the first 25 minutes before building the fire up.
The heavy roasting plate will become significantly warmer on the underside than on the upper side. Due to this temperature difference, the plate will draw hollow. After the first use, the plate has ‘settled’ and this procedure is no longer necessary.
The FORNO® cooking unit will work best after it has been used once or twice and 'seasoned' and the oil has been burned into the plate.
Cooking on the roasting plate will be easier after the oil has ‘burnt- in’, this also protects the plate from rusting when not in use.
The best is to use a vegetable oil with a high degree of combustion, such as sunflower oil.

Cleaning the FORNO® is not really necessary. The cooking oil and food remains can be slid into the fire with a spatula after use. If desired, the roasting plate can be cleaned with a damp cloth before use. The BBQ can withstand all types of weather and requires no further maintenance.

After about 25-30 minutes of burning, the roasting plate of the FORNO® will have reached a temperature of 275 - 300°C on the inner edge. When the fire has been made, you can start by greasing the plate and use a little more oil to cook. The temperature of the outer edge is slightly lower so you can switch between roasting food and keeping food warm. When heating the roasting plate, the plate will slightly dip so excess oil and fats will automatically end up in the fire. When the plate has cooled down, it will completely straighten out again.

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