Hot Wok Original 7kW Gas Stove Set with Wok

If you are a passionate cook or foodie then the art of cooking can be improved the perfect gas burner. read more

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The Hot Wok gas stove is the perfect piece of alfresco cooking equipment loved by cooks and foodies alike. This outdoor gas stove will take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, it will enable you to add that 'wok hei' flavour.

The Hot Wok is complete with a 30cm wok pan and a gas regulator and connection hose.

There are 3 brass valves on the front of stove so you have full control of the heat, and the stove itself has 4 legs to allow for a sturdy base whilst cooking.

The compact nature of the Hot Wok means the stove is perfect to be used as part of your outdoor kitchen. If your outdoor space only allows a small area for cooking then the Hot Wok is ideal. It is small but powerful.

The high heat delivered by the gas burner will ensure your food is cooked quickly and evenly to a professional standard, and will give your food a beautiful and crispy surface.

Use the Hot Wok to deliver not only delicious stir-fries and Asian cuisine, but if you use the grill and griddle pan accessory you can cook fabulous seared steaks and using the paella pan accessory you can perfect your paellas ... the list is endless.

The Hot Wok is portable and ideal to be taken on camping trips and picnics. It is easy to pack in a backpack if you are hiking or biking.

Suitable to cook for 2-4 people.

If you need to cook for larger groups, want to cook food quicker then the Hot Wok Pro Outdoor 12kW Gas Stove is recommended. You get a lot more power (5kW) than the 7kW Hot Wok Stove set, and the heat can be easily turned down and adjusted if required.

(To understand the difference between the kW on a Hot Wok - a standard induction or ceramic stove is normally 2.2-2.4kW, where as the Hot Wok stoves are either 7 kW or 12kW. Thus this gives you a really high level of power to stir fry, grill, griddle or boil, very similar to a professional kitchen).

Use the Hot Wok with the optional accessories including the reversible grill and griddle pan and paella pan for perfect all round cooking:

Hot Wok Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan.

Hot Wok Paella Pan.

Hot Wok Large Wok Pan.

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