Nama Solar Pillar Light

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The solar powered Nama series is carried out in a classic, round design that gives a beautiful 360 degree light output.

Perfect along the driveway or the entrance path where you need good lighting.

These lights work with PIR and dusk to dawn sensors meaning they sense motion and darkness simultaneously.

The sensor can detect motion within 120 degree radius and up to a 6m distance.

There are 3 settings available.

On: the light will turn on in darkness with an output of 65 lumens and turn off when sensing daylight.

Dim: When it gets dark the lights will automatically turn on at 10 lumens. If motion is detected the lights will turn up to 65 lumens until the motion is no longer detected then will switch back to 10 lumens after 30 seconds.

Auto: When it is dark and the sensor is triggered, it will turn the light on at 65 lumens for 30 seconds.

Easy installation with the included spike.

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