Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe

by Sneeboer

  • £54.95
The hand version of the long handled version of the Royal Dutch Hoe read more
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This is a multi-functional hand tool which can be used with great success in many confined areas of the garden. Whether being used in raised beds, balcony or patio gardening or even tubs or large pots, the Royal Dutch hand hoe is one of the most versatile garden tools that any gardener can own.

The front blade features 3 points (as in the shape of a crown) with 2 cutting edges between each point. Theses blades can be used to cut the weeds and at the back of the hand hoe, blade has a spike in the middle which cut the weeds off when the hoe is pulled back - so tough on the weeds but easy on the hands.

Hand-forged and hand-crafted in Holland by the Sneeboer family.

Don't forget to care for your Sneeboer tools to ensure they last you a lifetime:

First use clean the complete tool with linseed oil so the handle will keep its look and won’t dry out and will prevent dirt from sticking to the wood.

The stainless steel parts can also be treated with linseed oil. This way dirt will not stick to the blade of the spade.

Remember to clean your garden tools after use with a stiff brush and lightly oil as neccessary and finally store them somewhere dry.

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