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  • The 10 Best Father’s Day Garden Gifts

The 10 Best Father’s Day Garden Gifts

Some Father's Day gift inspiration to help you find the perfect garden-related present.

Fathers: in spite of the mildly insulting cards we often get them, many of us wouldn’t be who we are without them. Father’s Day is a chance to thank them for all the hard work they do with a gift they will love. To help you thank them properly, we have specially selected ten outdoor gifts we thing your father (or indeed any man in your life) will love to use in their outdoor space.

1. The Hot Wok

The 12kW Hot Wok

Needing to be king of the barbecue seems to be a universal truth when it comes to our dads. The Hot Wok will add another feather to their cap, helping them achieve a quality of outdoor cooking that rivals professional food. The secret of Asian cuisine is the high heat that can only be achieved by powerful stoves. With an impressive 12kW output, the Hot Wok Pro can achieve those temperatures.

For a more classic outdoor cooking gift, he will love the Kadai Fire Bowl. The fire bowl makes an ideal gift for those who appreciate outdoor living and creating memorable experiences with loved ones.

2. Cooking Accessories

A bouffadou pipe rests on a log.

If your father already has the dream fire bowl or barbecue, then cooking accessories are an excellent gift idea. Accessories such as our chapati pan will allow him to showcase his skills and experiment with Indian street food. Outdoor cooking is not just a hobby, it’s a way to gather the whole family together for an afternoon of fun and great food.

With so many accessories to choose from, our options accommodate a variety of cooking styles, such as grilling, smoking, or roasting, ensuring a diverse range of culinary possibilities for your father to explore and master.

3. Perennial Spade

A mid-handled spade embedded in the ground

Our Perennial spade's exceptional design and sharp blade make it an ideal tool for tackling stubborn, deep-rooted weeds and cutting through perennials. The spade's ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip and manoeuvrability, reducing strain while working in the garden. A helpful hint from one of our resident gardeners is to grip it midway down the shaft to get some extra leverage when dealing with perennial weeds.

This thoughtful gardening gift not only plays to your father's passion but also provides a practical solution to a tough problem, making his arduous garden chores more enjoyable and productive.  

4. Knee Pads

A man kneels with a leather knee pad on

Is your father constantly complaining about leg pain? Gardening knee pads are the ideal Father's Day present to help remedy his woe. They provide essential protection and comfort while your dad is hard at work. By cushioning and supporting their knees, these pads reduce strain and potential injuries, allowing him to slave in the garden for longer periods without discomfort.

Show your father that you are actually listening to his constant moaning and that you care about his well-being ;). Gardening knee pads are a practical gift that can be used year-round, ensuring he can continue pursuing his gardening passion with ease and enjoyment.

5. Gardener’s Gift Set

A gift bag full of useful garden tools

If he has recently picked up gardening, then perhaps he could do with some good tools to help him with his new hobby. This versatile bag set includes essential tools and accessories designed to rejuvenate and enhance the garden experience. It offers him the opportunity to engage in gardening activities with convenience and efficiency.

The set contains seed packs and seedling labels, as well as a thoughtful selection of tools. Demonstrate your appreciation for your father by helping him tend his gardens, provide him with some of the things he needs to nurture and maintain his green spaces with ease.

6. Wax Canvas Gardening Bag

A waxed canvas bag rests on the ground

The perfect accompaniment for trips to the allotment, our wax canvas gardening bag is always a popular present. Its durable waxed canvas material ensures longevity and resilience, capable of withstanding outdoor conditions for many years. Additionally, the bag's design provides ample storage space with multiple pockets and compartments, allowing for efficient organisation of gardening essentials.

If convenience and easy access to tools, seeds, gloves, and other necessities is something your father would appreciate, then this bag is sure to go down well. Moreover, the timeless and rugged aesthetic of the wax canvas bag appeals to men who appreciate both functionality and style.

7. Gardening Gloves

A gardener wearing strong yellow gloves

Nothing sees more wear and tear than a pair of gardening gloves, so it's likely your father could do with a replacement or an upgrade. Of our many gardening gloves, our Anti-Bramble Gauntlets are among the most sturdy. Specifically designed to provide protection against thorny plants and prickly brambles, these gloves will be more resistant to nasty tears and holes than others on the market.

Their durable construction ensures long-lasting use and shields hands and arms from potential scratches or injuries. The gauntlets offer both functionality and comfort with adjustable straps and a flexible design.

8. Eco Soil Blocker

A soil blocker rests on a potting table

For the more experienced gardener, our Eco Soil Block Maker makes an excellent Father's Day gift. It is a unique tool that he won’t already have and is a real space saver in the shed or greenhouse. It caters to more environmentally-conscious gardening, eliminating the need to use leftover plastic pots for new seedlings. Additionally, it also prevents root shock, a major problem for newly sown seeds, promoting healthier growth in his seedlings.

9. Magic Manure Brew Bags

A bag of manure in front of a healthy flower

Looking for a gift that's sure to bring a cheeky smile? Gifting our Magic Manure Brew Bags may sound unconventional, but worm manure is the world’s most nutrient rich organic fertiliser. This set contains enough worm manure to make 80 litres of organic fertiliser that's perfect for nurturing plants.

Imagine the laughter and surprise on your dad's face as he unwraps this practical yet unusual present. It's a witty way to show your appreciation for his green thumb and bring some laughter to the occasion.

10. G-Clamp Bottle Opener

A bottle opener clamped to a workbench

Does your father love a beer? The G-Clamp Bottle Opener lets your dad enjoy his favourite bottled drink wherever he is. The opener is essentially a G-clamp tool, appealing to men who appreciate craftsmanship and a DIY style. Its unique design adds a touch of novelty, but also serves a practical purpose, letting him put it in pride-of-place wherever is most convenient for him, rather than having to constantly search around in drawers.

Additionally, the sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing it to withstand frequent use.This thoughtful present combines functionality and style. It blends utility and creativity, making it a great gift for fathers who appreciate ingenuity and a good brew!


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