Composter MonAmi

by Biohort

  • £819.00
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BioHort advanced MonAmi composter uses a clever chimney effect to ventilate your compost and help with the break down process. It marries functionality and aesthetics in BioHort's unique style, to create a superior product that is easy to use and lovely to look at. Two centrally placed ventilation pipes create a chimney effect and ensure a reliable circulation of air whilst the circumferential gap underneath the cover ensures that heat is transferred outwards.

The sides of the MonAmi is made from corrosion resistant galvanised steel with a durable enamel and polyamide finish. The lid is fitted with gas-assist hinges for easy operation, and the front slides up for easy access to your home-made compost. The MonAmi is also fitted with rodent protection made from fibre glass mesh.

The MonAmi composter comes in Metallic Dark Grey.

The MonAmi composter carries a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. For full details of this please see here

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 0345 605 2505 or if you have any queries about the Biohort MonAmi composter.

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