Biohort Ground Screw Foundation

Preparing a suitable foundation can be a problem - the desired location for your shed can often be on uneven and untreated ground and additional (often expensive) costs of concrete foundations can usually create a lot of mess in the garden.

Biohort have create a solution - Ground Screw Foundation.

Ideally suited for uneven surfaces and slopes of up to 10%, it’s the perfect fit for all Biohort sheds and the Equipment Locker. The Ground Screw foundation can be installed on the spot, with the assembly of your shed to quickly follow.

Made from high grade aluminium panels fitted in a robust frame and mounted onto ground screws with a reliable water tight barrier, it is suitable for installation on all load bearing soil types with little excavation, no concreting and no mess.

Are you prepared?

In order to install a Ground Screw Foundation, the ground on-site should be firm, and of a compressed nature. Compact roots, large rocks, stones or buried building material will prevent assembly.

To check the suitability of the ground, try to drive a 50cm steel bar into the ground in several places. It’s also wise to ensure an additional 50cm space around the foundation itself for assembly of your shed.

What can I expect?

With your delivery of the Ground Screw foundation, you can expect to receive high grade water resistant aluminium panels (A), a specially designed aluminum frame (B), the Ground Screws (C), cross members, complete fastening material and a special tool required to manually insert the screws into the ground.

How long will it take?

Installation should take 2 - 4 hours, depending on your handiness and the size of the structure. It’s also worth noting we recommend at least 2 people to be involved.

Will I need anything else?

Additional tools required for assembly are a hammer drill, drill bit 40 x 600mm, spirit level, cordless screwdriver, socket spanners (SW13 and SW24) and a shovel, which you can pick up from any good DIY shop.

Which products use the Ground Screw Foundations?

The ground screw foundation is available for the HighLine shed, Panorama Shed, AvantGarde shed and the Europa shed - all of which are coming to our website soon. You can also use the ground screw foundation for the Equipment Locker and MiniGarage.

You can also take a look at our alternative foundation suggestions here.

How to assemble

1.Prepare the assembly site - remove earth with a spade to a depth of apron 10cm. Mark the position of the ground screw holes.

2. Pre-drill the holes with a hammer drill, and screw the ground screws manually into the ground with the tool supplied.

3. Connect the mounting plated to the screws and align with the help of the spirit level.

4. Position the frame and cross members and fasten securely with the provided parts.

5. Insert and secure the aluminium panels. If required, also insert the moisture barrier that is supplied at this point.

6. The foundation is now complete, and you can go on to erect your shed!

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