Fermob Lighting - Sustainability

When purchasing anything these days, we would like to know how long something can last, and if it can last.

Products are often made quickly and cheaply with sealed units (grrr), and we believe that if given the option for us to better maintain the things we own, then we would take the advantage.

Fermob Lighting has been popular for sometime and thus we are delighted that there is ability to replace some parts that stop working, without having to buy an entirely whole new replacement item.


As part of an approach for continuous improvement, Fermob has paid particular attention to the lifespan of their products, and to the environment on a larger scale.

Fermob have made conscious designs behind their designs for lighting products, meaning they are easier to disassemble, easier to extend their lifespans, and easier to recycle.

If your Fermob light has a type of repairability symbol on the packaging, this will indicate what kind of aid your product would need; either from a professional, or from the user.

Please note: These symbols have since been added to packaging since September 2021


95% of Fermob lighting products can now be taken apart, repaired and recycled!

To help you with your repairing journey, here are some educational videos to guide you through the processes of dismantling the lights relevant to you.

The videos will either help you replace a battery, an LED lighting module, and/or a lamp diffuser. You'll be surprised just how easy it is!

Simply tap or click the "Play" button on the video you would like to watch.

Medium Balad 25cm Lamp, Bamboo 25cm Balad Lamp, Large 38cm Balad Lamps and Large Balad Lamp - Bamboo Repair

Balad Mini Lanterns - Set of 3 Repair

Aplo Lamp Repair

Mooon! Wall Light Repair

Mooon! Wall Light (6873314295868)

Mooon! Table Lamp & Mooon! 41cm Outdoor Table Lamp Repair

Mooon! 63cm Tall Lamp & Mooon! Floor Lamp Repair

Inouï LED Illuminated Stool Repair

Spare Parts

We are working with Fermob to bring you online ordering for spare parts but in the meantime, should you require spare parts to repair your Fermob light, please email us at customerservice@worm.co.uk with details of your light including when and where it was purchased.


If your light has been repaired by you, it is important for you to dispose of the part(s) at an authorised collection site, and must not be placed into household bins.

The place you would be able to dispose of your parts responsibly would be your waste and recycling centre.

★ Make sure to check with your local centre/authority if they can accept the parts you'd like to recycle.

For more information

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