Pro Dual Fuel Pizza Stand and Accessories Collection

by DeliVita

  • £6,995.00
A professional-quality dual-fuel pizza oven with accesories for great cooking. read more
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Pro Dual Fuel Pizza Stand and Accessories Collection gives you a restaurant-quality dual-fuel oven perfect for cooking pizzas at home, along with all the accessories you need.

This package contains:

DeliVita Pro Dual Oven.
Stainless Steel Chimney.
Pro Brush.
Pro Pizza Peel.
Pro Pizza Turner.
Pro Stainless Steel Oven stand with lockable wheels and base shelf.

The large cooking area lets you cook up to three pizzas simultaneously, which is enough for some serious outdoor entertaining - the perfect choice for professional chefs and experienced amateurs.

As well as cooking pizzas, the DeliVita Pro can cook meat, fish, and vegetables, giving you complete flexibility for cooking all your favourite foods.

If you’re looking for a smaller home pizza oven for use indoors or outdoors, check out the Diavolo Gas-Fired Oven and DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven. These provide the same exceptional quality cooking but with a smaller cooking capacity.

The DeliVita Pro is suitable for use as a commercial pizza oven. It’s built from the highest quality materials to deliver long-term performance indoors and outdoors. The oven can operate as a wood-fired pizza oven and a dual-fuel oven, giving you total control over how you cook. This enables you to create perfect plates every time, whether cooking pizzas, meat, fish, or vegetables.

The DeliVita Pro heats up in just 16 minutes, with dual fuel providing total control for any type of cooking.

The super-sized cooking area provides enough space to cook several foods simultaneously, so you can deliver a mouthwatering menu from a single oven. As well as operating as a free-standing wood-fired oven, the DeliVita Pro can be connected to mains gas or bottled gas, giving you the freedom to cook anywhere you choose!

The DeliVita Pro is part of our range of handmade, artisan outdoor ovens inspired by Italy and handmade in Yorkshire. Our craftspeople pay attention to every detail, creating the world’s best outdoor pizza ovens. It's an award-winning innovation designed for you.

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