DeliVita Dual Fuel Gas Pizza Oven

by DeliVita

  • £1,595.00
This Gas Eco Oven is an environmentally friendly alternative to a wood-fired oven. read more
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This portable gas pizza oven is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The DeliVita Eco gas oven is an environmentally friendly alternative to a wood-fired pizza oven without compromising on taste or quality.

The DeliVita Eco gas oven has been designed and built to the highest standards, it gives you total temperature control for precision cooking. It is perfect for cooking restaurant-quality dishes, including pizzas, meat, fish, tandoori, baking or grilling ... the choice is yours.

The oven weighs 30kgs and can be easily moved and used on any stable surface in your outdoor space.

The gas power provides total temperature control and will reach temperatures of 500°F +.

The oven is a eco-friendly alternative to wood-fired cooking. The gas cylinder sits at the back of the oven, with the adjustable temperature dial on the side of the oven.

All you’ll need is a gas canister, and with some delicious ingredients you will be creating culinary delights in no time at all.

The oven is available in 4 gorgeous colours.

The oven takes approximately 25 minutes to come up to full heat.

Perfect for urban balconies and gardens.

Insulating heatproof handles means it can be positioned anywhere sturdy enough bear the oven weight.

Waterproof shell but we recommend that the oven should be stored in a DELIVITA Weatherproof Oven Cover to avoid interior clay becoming exposed to damp over long periods of time when not in use.
Oven should never be banged or dropped into position, or internal cracking may occur.

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