SombranoS+ Rectangular Parasol

by Glatz Parasols

The big 360 degrees sunshade; an all-rounder in its functionality and style. read more
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With impressive technology and smooth design, the SombranoS+ Parasol is the only free-arm sunshade that automatically opens and adjusts horizontally. The canopy can be tilted up to 54 degrees and rotated 360 degrees thanks to the ball-bearing base. This flexibility allows you to perfectly position your SombranoS+ Parasol.

Open and close the SombranoS+ Parasol with the removable hand crank.

The SombranoS+ Rectangular Parasol is available in:
- 1 size.
- A wide range of colours over 3 fabric qualities.
- Need a different shape? See further options in the same model:
- 2 additional shapes: square and round.

If a sunshade is permanently exposed to the sun, the material will fade over time. See here for more information on Glatz material classes.

If you can't decide between fabric colours, fabric swatches can be made available to you. For more information and advice, please call us on 0345 605 2505.

By using a Glatz protective cover the sunshade will be protected against weather effects and fabric fading will be significantly reduced.

Ambient outdoor lighting is always a pleasant way to make the evening last into the dark hours, Glatz have the perfect solution with the Parasol LED light

Note - excludes base shown here in video and other pictures. We offer a variety of fixing methods for your Glatz parasol, see here for more options.

Glatz Morning Light Fabric Colours

Glatz Sunset Glow Fabric Colours

The video only shows the SombranoS+ square parasol.

Glatz is one of the leading sunshade manufacturers in Europe with a company history spanning more than 100 years. Glatz's parasols are designed with functionality and ease of use in mind, ensuring that all their parasols can be operated simply and without fuss.

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