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Bistro chairs were created at the end of the 19th century for French cafe owners. They needed simple but sturdy furniture which could be quickly put out and packed up at the end of the day. Now updated by Fermob in a range of 24 great Bistro colours . Many of these we carry in stock throughout the year for buying online or in our shop.

'First rate product quality & build. Hardwearing and long lasting.' Feefo review of Bistro Chair by customer

Made in France by Fermob, using top grade steel, with an anti rust treatment and 100% UV resistant powder coating to prevent fading in the sunlight.

Matching Bistro Round Tables and Bistro Rectangular Tables in various sizes are also available. Why not try contrasting the colours for an even funkier look?

Bistro is an ideal solution if you want folding, great looking outdoor furniture for balconies, terraces or small dining areas.

The Fermob Factory does not make Bistro chairs for anyone else. Beware of cheap (and nasty) imitations.

Fermob Bistro Availability

The Fermob factory in France continues to operate to normal lead-times currently despite the covid-19 pandemic and we also have stock of many items too. Please check the availability information next to each colour for detailed information. As of 16th May 2020 Fermob will be introducing a new method of work for the remainder of the 2020 season in order to reduce lead time further during the pandemic. All Bistro items not in stock at our warehouse will soon be available on an even shorter lead time although we have many in all colours in stock. In order to achieve this 8 colours will be on a longer lead time once we have run out of existing stock. Please phone if you are in any doubt.

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