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The gorgeous Fermob garden furniture collection to buy online. Everything you would want from metal furniture; built to last outside, carefully made, beautifully designed and available in a wide range of colours. We have been a Fermob stockist since our shop opened in 2004. Every piece has a purpose and style of its own, but we have carefully selected the ranges and colours we think work best in the U.K.

We are delighted that our efforts have paid off and that we are now the leading retailer of Fermob furniture in the U.K.

If you feel we are missing something you would like to see, please call us, as we have access to and know the relative merits of the entire Fermob catalogue. Please feel free to call and discuss the range that might be right for you.

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Our personal favourites include;
• the handmade, iconic 1900 range, a style that is often copied, but with nowhere near the degree of detail. It is very pretty and looks stunning in the sand colour. Note the hand-finishing on the scrolls which mark it out from less well made copies.
Romane Tables. Very heavy and the best long rectangular table we know. Take a look at the version with extending wings that can seat up to 12. Perfect for alfresco dining.
Dune chairs - The perfect comfort/style mix. Dune chairs go fantastically with Romane tables.
Luxembourg with its ‘retro’ feel, this range demands attention. Lightweight and very comfortable - a classic French chair.
Fermob Outdoor Furniture Fermob Outdoor Furniture Fermob Outdoor Furniture Fermob Outdoor Furniture Fermob Outdoor Furniture

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